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This site features ragtime, march, and waltz midi files with the main focus on ragtime.  You can listen to the complete playing of all midi files while on the site and you can download the midi files and zipped grouped and individual midi files.

Edited By Greenfield Bowie All midi sequences have been edited by Greenfield Bowie, a pianist and composer from Austin, Texas. He has a web site Greenfield Bowie's Piano Music and can be reached at  Check out more on his biographical page.

The sequences attempt to show how an accomplished pianist would play the scores. The tracks are designed for the way the right hand and left hand play the notes rather than just duplicating the treble and bass clef staffs as shown in the published music. If it can't be played, then it isn't sequenced. Double notes have been removed and notes shortened where they would conflict with later notes. In most sequences, the volume of the left hand is reduced so that the melodic right hand is not overpowered.

Updates to this site are announced in the Ragtime News Group at:  Check this news group for update information and other ragtime news.

Documentation is contained in the midi files and can be viewed by visitors using CakeWalk software. Changes made to the published scores are listed in the midi files and on each Sequence Summary Page.

General Information
(Before printing a score, check listings to see if the copyright holder requires you to have prior permission. This only applies to Third Avenue L Fox Trot.)

Downloading: See download. You can download the files individually in either zipped or non zipped formats. Grouped zip files are available for all files, recent additions, and for selected composers.

References: See Source References for a list of multiple composition sources for the music which is provided in this web site.

Joplin Logo: The maple leaf  appears when Scott Joplin is either the composer or the arranger of a composition.

Number of Files: The site has 426 titles.

Spot an Error? Please send your comments to me at When you spot mistakes, let me know.

Midi Finder:  Check out the Web Site Midi File Finder to see if we have what you are looking for.

Type of Midi Listings:  Midi files are listed by title and by composer. See Midi File Listings.

Sequence Summary Pages: Select  in the Midi File Listings to get more info for the composition. Note: this is the only way to access the Sequence Summary Pages. You can play or download files from these pages.  Most of the information is self explanatory but two sections require explanation:

Music Categories:  The music categories for the sequences are identified with the following symbols:


two-step, one-step, or fox trot





includes lyrics

none of above - perhaps close

Changes Made To Source Reference: All changes are listed.  The reference is usually to the measure number (e.g., #5) in the sequence. The more recent sequences show page - system - measure and measure number  in the format [p-s-m/#n] where p is the page of the score, s is the system number on the page, m is measure number within the system, and #n is the measure number in the sequence..

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