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Read the following to see the conditions under which these files may be used and disseminated. Basically they are enjoy, don't use commercially, don't provide a direct link to files on any other site or include files on any other site. 

If the composition is not in the public domain, you may need permission from the copyright holder to print  the score. Check the Midi Listings to see if permission is required and then get address from Summary Listing. This only applies to the Third Avenue L Fox Trot.

The files in this web site are copyrighted performances and all rights are reserved. By downloading files from this Website, you agree to the following guidelines for using these files:

  • The files may be used for your personal enjoyment for non-commercial purposes only.
  • You may download these files for your personal use.
  • You may provide copies of these files to others but only if you distribute them in the zipped format in which you unloaded the files. That is, you may distribute the zipped files but not unzipped files. The reason for this restriction is that important informational material may be lost through the process of unzipping and saving files under various software packages.
  • You must provide any recipient with a copy of these guidelines and also the URL of this Website:
  • You do not have permission to provide a link on any other site which enables a third party to download files directly from this site without being logged to this site. Since the rules governing the use of these files are subject to change, an individual downloading directly from another site will not be aware of the current rules. Also, such individuals will not be made aware of other information contained in this site.
  • You may not download files from this site and redistribute from your site for essentially the same reasons cited in the paragraph directly above.
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